Thursday, May 1, 2008

long blog

Who knew getting a business up and running could be so much work?!? :-)

A lot has happened in the past two months...I have a thriving business doing something I love. I have been working nonstop to design new products, increase my inventory and create an effective business structure. I've become a momma-sweatshop :-) I absolutely love it! I'm having a great time. I love creating...

Some new things:
1. Change-Me-Anywhere(tm) Diaper Keepers....really fun to make! I love it! Check them out at
2. I'm selling my goodies at a wonderful boutique in Denver's Highland area (4110 Tennyson) "Love Your Earth". If you're in the area you HAVE to check it out! It specializes in locally made and recycled items.
3. My baby boy, Leo, started to crawl at 8 months (He's 9 months now). He loves to move and he's a much happier baby now....but that means no more working while he's awake...he really likes to go for my iron and eat the fabric scraps on the floor. yikes!
4. Spring has finally bloomed here (although it did snow today)'s tough to stay in the house now that it's nice out side...

some old things:
1. my 10 year old sewing machine! does anyone else spend as much time as I do fighting their sewing machine? my machine has a very strong and stubborn personality...and she doesn't always like frustrating! Hopefully I be able to buy a new one soon...
2. my absolute love of fabric....does anyone else get so excited when they find a new fabric? I get chills....

more soon!


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