Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The True Cost of CPSIA Third Party Component Testing

I've telling everyone how expensive the third-party component testing required by the CPSIA is but I don't think I've sat down and actually ran the numbers. Yikes! The costs are truly frightening!

I calculated the costs based on my current Winter Collection and assuming that each component test cost between $75-$100. Not included in these costs are the cost of each test item (they are destroyed in the testing process) and the cost of shipping the items to China since that's where most of the testing facilities are located.

Materials used in Winter Collection: certified organic cotton fabric, certified organic terry cloth, certified organic cotton fleece, poly thread, velcro, cotton fabric, poly anti-pill fleece, cotton chenille

The numbers: $25325 - $29100 to test the Turtle Park Tots Winter Collection


1. Bibs: $700 (both organic and non organic)
-5 components (fabric, terry cloth, velcro, thread, fabric label)
-must be tested for both lead and phthalates (found in plastics)
-retail price of bibs = $11- $16

I currently offer 20 bibs = $14000 total cost of testing

2. Chenille Baby Blankets: $300-$400
-4 components (cotton fabric, cotton chenille, thread, fabric label)
-must be tested for lead
-retail price of blankets $38

I currently offer 8 blankets = $2400- $3200 total cost of testing

3. Organic Baby Blankets: $300-$400
-4 components (organic cotton fabric, organic cotton fleece, thread, fabric label)
-must be tested for lead
-retail price of blankets $48

I currently offer 4 blankets = $1200-$1600 total cost of testing certified organic blankets

4. Changing Pad: $375-$500
-5 components (cotton fabric, poly fleece, thread, velcro, label
-must be tested for lead
-retail price of changing pad: $21.50

I currently offer 6 changing pads = $2250 -$3000 total cost of testing changing pads

5. Organic Changing Pad: $375-$500
-5 components (organic cotton fabric, organic cotton fleece, thread, velcro, label
-must be tested for lead
-retail price of organic changing pad: $30.00

I currently offer 5 organic changing pads = $1875-$2500 total cost of testing organic changing pads

6. Burp Cloths (organic and non organic): $300-$400
-4 components (organic/nonorganic cotton fabric, organic Gerber diaper, thread, fabric label)
-must be tested for lead
-retail price of blankets $16.50-$18 (per set)

I currently offer 12 burp cloth = $3600- $4800 total cost of testing each burp cloth


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Help Save Handmade Toys and Children's Products from the CPSIA

It's been an awful long while since I've blogged! These have been some crazy oldest turned 4 years old....the holidays of AND the CPSIA

I'm sick about the CPSIA...I love what I do! I love handcrafting items for babies! I take pride in everything I make and I would never, ever sell anything harmful to children....Yet, THIS LAW WILL PUT ME OUT OF BUSINESS if it's not amended!

I will be posting a sample consumer letter that you can send to your representative or senators...please write! please help me save this wonderful industry!

For those of you not familiar with the CPSIA (consumer product safety improvement act) it was a law passed last August that reduces levels of lead and other chemical acceptable for children's toys and other products. On face, this law rocks! It was triggered by the dangerous toys being imported from China. As a parent, I applaud the effort the Congress has made to put our children's safety first and foremost.

HOWEVER, the law also requires ALL manufactures to test ALL children's products that are intended for use by children under the age of 12 years. This may be a good idea for large companies who may import their products from China but it would put many small US and European manufacturers out of business. This is especially true of the many, many small business that specialize in handmade or custom made products. Testing as the law and the CPSC require will put a HUGE financial burden on small and handmade manufacturers! Every product and it's components must be tested....for a bib that is made of two fabrics and velcro the tests can run upwards of $600. I agree that products intended for children should be regulated but they should be regulated in a way that is efficient, effective and that doesn't lump them with products mass produced in China.

The vast majority of these products are made with lead-free and phthalate-free materials such as cotton fabrics, organic materials and wood. These companies take pride in their work. In addition, in these tough economic times, they employ artisians and support families. These are the toys and products that I have been relying on since I've lost all trust in companies like Mattel.

Manufacturers must comply with this law by February 10, 2009. This day has become the "National Bankruptcy Day!

This is personal for me, not just because I rely on these products for my boys, but because I am a small manufacturer of handmade baby blankets and bibs. My materials are organic and non organic cotton and that's it. Yet, I will be required to test EVERY style of blanket and bib I make. My handmade items are often made to order and are at times, one of a kind. There is no way I can remain in business and comply with this law as it is written. This story is being played out throughout North America.

Soon consumers will only be able to buy products from the large manufacturers that triggered this law in the first place. The independent toy makers and handcrafters of children's products have earned and kept the public's trust. They provide jobs for hundreds and quality playthings and products for thousands. Their unique businesses should be protected.

There are other unintended consequences of this law: we will not be able to donate untested children's products since after February 10, 2009 since they will be illegal to sell or distribute; thrift stores may be forced to stop reselling children's products unless the test them under CPSIA; churches and hospitals will be unable to accept donations of children's products for fear that haven't undergone the proper testing....yikes! As my baby would say: "That not good!"

Visit and to learn more about this issue.

Vote for this issue to be given to President Obama at

read the law at

Contact the House Energy and Commerce Committee

Contact the Senate Commerce Committee

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Great New Blog: My Boys!

Holly (of GoKye and My Boys Custom Cards fame) has just started a wonderful blog, My Boys, on which she features, reviews and gives away great mommy and baby products. She also features great graphics she's created...they are so very cute!

She has a great sense of style and knows exactly what mommies needs and kids want....check her out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yippie! Another Great Giveaway!

I'm happy to announce another great review and giveaway!

Turtle Park Tots is giving away a Green Tots Organic Baby Toddler Bib (pictured below) on S.I.M.P.L.E. This bib features Harmony Art organic flannel fabric and super absorbent organic terry cloth.

Click here to enter the giveaway.....Click here to see more of the Green Tots Organic collection.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Green Tots Organics Giveaway

Yippie! We're giving away a Green Tots Organics "Let it Grow" Baby/Toddler Bib on Raising Peanuts blog site. Click here to read all about Turtle Park Tots and to enter in the giveaway for this wonderful bib.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turtle Park Tots now showcased on Trunkt!

Turtle Park Tots has been chosen to exhibit a portfolio of its baby accessories on Trunkt. It's quite an honor! The portfolio includes the Sleep Baby! Chenille Baby Blanket, Green Tots Organics(tm) Changing Pad and Green Tots Organics(tm) Burp Cloth Set. Check out this portfolio at

Trunkt is a showcase of exceptional artisans who want to display their work to the retail world in a beautifully organized manner. It's a juried showcase and artists must apply to become a member. I'm very proud to have been chosen!


Monday, October 13, 2008

My Cutie-Patootie Model!!

I've photographed my little Leo to show off the Green Tots Organics bibs...and he's so cute I had to post them here...he LOVES the camera and is very easy to photograph.