Monday, February 25, 2008

Adventures in Sewing -February 25

pheew...It's been quite a busy month in my world of sewing. I am feverishly trying to make my March 1st go-live on deadline with two young boys. Leo, the baby, isn't taking naps like he should so that momma can work. Yikes! I think he must be cutting another tooth. The oldest, Ethan, helps out as much as a 3 year old can...I can't wait until I get into a nice groove :-)

Early this month I put my own sewing on hold to make 13 dinosaur tails for Ethan's preschool class (they are studying dinosaurs). I had never made "tails" before so it was fun and challenging but a lot of work. It's all I did for 4 days....but the kids loved them and they turned out so cute.

I'm just about done photographing the initial set of baby accessories for I'm starting small but I have tons of fabric and ideas for more designs. My first few products will be burp cloth sets and burp cloth/bib sets using moda and michael miller fabrics....but that's just the begining! I love fabrics and color so expect a lot of both :-)

happy sewing!

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